Painting Parties

What:Ask us about our Painting Parties … would you like to get a group of friends together9a725118b2e1656296fc6aaac94e2922 28e8a89e9a3448254e9b709928814b11 just for fun, to celebrate a special event or for whatever reason to paint on a canvas or to do a mixed media project.  (Many more to chose from)

Class Size: n/a

When: you and us pick out a date that will work for you

Where: Plum Creek Art Center, 115 W Main St, Fredericksburg

Cost: $38.00 to paint a 16×20 canvas; $35.00 to paint a 11×14 canvas; $25.00 to paint anbc485a0c7eb1a058e9e603210b60dbef 8×10 canvas.

Project: we have a variety of paintings / projects we can do.  For more info call or text Cindy at 319-240-9889, or by emailing us at  We look forward to setting this up for you!